Unique delicacies for summer refreshment

Restaurant Zigante is known for its unique menu, composed of fresh truffles in various combinations with the latest local Istrian specialties.

In addition to the top-level dishes made of pasta, fish and meat main dishes, for dessert, which you cannot miss, you will find exotic and original recipes, prepared with carefully dosed quantities of truffle, this magic tuber of Istrian forests. For example, sorbet of raspberries, limes and chocolate sponge is a unique recipe derived our of classic sorbets, also known as “fake ice cream”.

In addition to sorbets, on this unique dessert menu of the Zigante Restaurant, you will find ice cream from the inevitable truffles or a chocolate soufflé. A special delicacy prepared for you by Zigante is also a sage ice cream with barley cream and with white chocolate pudding. The harmonious tastes of Istrian delicacies in exotic and specific combinations will delight all those eager for some Istrian adventures.

In the restaurant Zigante, situated in the very heart of Istria, famous for numerous truffle sites, you will taste the authentic flavors and aromas of the summer surprises. That the tradition is the true foundation of the innovation is shown in this unique place that will delight you not only with its original recipes, but also with its beautiful ambience of Istria and all its spells.

Treat yourself with an unforgettable summer experience and try special dishes prepared only for you by Zigante Restaurant.

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