If you were always wondering about what tasting menu looks like, just imagine plates full of different specialties coming in small delicious portions.

Tasting menu usually consists of chef’s signature dishes served in several courses. Those plates are original work and design of the chef and give insight into his culinary expertise as well as his creativity and organizational skills. In other words, it’s a presentation of chef at his best.

Tasting menus are all about treating your senses – from different set of synchronized flavors and aromas to exciting and creative visual performance on the plate. A perfectly combined and organized plate takes the meal to a whole different level and shows the guest how much time, effort and knowledge is put into preparing that kind of dish.

Restaurant Zigante offers three tasting menus made by awarded chef Damir Modrušan. Royal prestige tasting menu includes six courses, Gold menu comes over five courses while Silver is sequenced in four, all including the option of wine pairing. Carefully selected bottles of quality wine are matched with every course to provide guests with the ultimate food and wine experience. If you are looking for a way to treat yourself and your friends, tasting menu is as good as it gets.

Order a tasting menu and get a real feeling of owner’s vision, chef’s imagination and skills and the true story of the restaurant only food can tell.

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