With white truffle prices skyrocketing last winter, many people opted for black truffles, which provide a similar but not identical flavor and have a somewhat lesser impact on the wallet. On the one hand, it’s a great way to save money and still be able to enjoy seductive truffle aromas and flavors, and on the other – you get more truffles for the same money. Also, black truffles can be found throughout most of the year, while white truffles can only be found in the late fall and during the winter period.

But first of all, let’s see what black spring truffles are made of. They are black on the outside, with pale cream or grey flesh and have that crunchy texture that will certainly amaze your mouth. Characterized by the familiar aromas of hazelnut and caramelized cream, black truffles will certainly keep your senses busy.

Most of the gourmands will say that truffles are there merely as an addition to the meal, and that might be a good point considering how some varieties can be quite expensive. White truffles have a more intense scent and considering their value in some cases it’s a waste to put too much layers on your dish, but with black truffles, which are usually less expensive, you can feel free to use them as much as you want and get the actual taste of truffle, apart from the spectacular flavors.

Here at restaurant Zigante we use only fresh black truffles from Motovun forest, a well-known habitat of white and black Istrian truffle varieties, and the creative culinary imagination of our renowned chef Damir Modrušan, an expert when it comes to recipes with truffles, to provide our guests with truly unique truffle experiences.

Here at Zigante we only help truffles tell their own story. Visit us and become a part of that adventure.

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