Why taste black truffles?

Rarely does a food provide the true pleasure of tasting, while its unique taste, aroma and smell completely drive the senses crazy. This is exactly what best describe black truffles, and if you have ever asked yourself why to taste them, we bring you a few reasons that will finally push you into the right gastronomy pleasure.

Black or summer truffle which, interestingly, you can find all year round despite its specific name, is the perfect ingredient to incorporate into a variety of recipes throughout the seasons, especially if we are talking about recipes that include pasta and scrambled eggs, but also various desserts such as Motovun in fog, or ice cream made from egg yolks and whipped sweet cream with the addition of black truffles. So, beside the fact that truffles can be perfectly combined with a variety of recipes that are definitely worth trying, they have a truly unique taste which you will never forget – neither you nor your taste buds. The black truffle has a light and specific scent, offers an aromatic and pleasant taste, and is considered a real aphrodisiac that will seduce you with its fantastic nuances and aromas.

In order to have a real first experience and true gastronomic pleasure in tasting black truffles, we recommend the Zigante restaurant, which is completely dedicated to creating unique dishes with truffles and providing your palate with their best components.

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