The Zigante Truffle Days

The traditional event in honor of the magnificent truffles is held every year in the nursery of this underground gem, in the heart of Istria, near the river Mirna. More precisely in the towns of Livade, Motovun and Buzet. This year’s Truffle Days will last from September 19 to November 15, and the Zigante restaurant, the host of the Zigante Truffle Days, this year, in a somewhat adapted form, is preparing a virtual opening of the Truffle Days. Still, visitors will be able to enjoy the flavors of black and white truffle flavors and a variety of original exhibitor combinations as every year so far.

In addition, the visitors will be able to try their own creations and preparation of this gourmet specialty. The Zigante restaurant prepares a wide range of products and dishes, where you will be able to taste prepared specialties, while in the Zigante store will be available fresh black or white truffles and other products. Despite the slightly changed structure, the Days of Zigante Truffles continue its rich tradition with a multitude of gastronomic delicacies and diverse content that every visitor will enjoy.

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